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Must-Know Facts About Tankless Hot Water Heaters

It’s no secret that tankless hot water heaters have become the most popular way to go in recent years. They are more energy-efficient, they can last longer than tanked systems, and you don’t need to worry about a tank full of stagnant water sitting in your basement. But there are some interesting facts about tankless hot water heaters that might surprise you.

1. They Use Less Energy and Save You Money

Tankless water heaters are more efficient than tank-type systems because they only run when hot water is drawn through them. Standard tank systems continue to operate to keep water at a constant temperature even when it’s not in use, which can use a lot of energy and result in high utility bills for homeowners.

2. They’re Quiet and Unobtrusive

Tankless hot water heaters don’t make the same noise tank-types do once they’ve reached full operating temperature (which sometimes can be as loud as 90 dB or more!). They also have no tank to fill with water, meaning tankless hot water heaters don’t need to be mounted on an exterior wall.

3. They’re Versatile and Can Be Installed in a Variety of Settings

Tankless water heaters can be installed just about anywhere, from small homes to large commercial buildings. Because tankless hot water heaters are not limited by tank capacity and storage, they can provide enough hot water for multiple showers or dishwashers at once.

4. They Offer Safety and Tankless Water Heater Protection

Standard water heaters can be hazardous because the water temperature, level of remaining hot water, and/or pressure can increase to dangerous levels when the tank is near full capacity and no longer receiving incoming cold water. In this case, tank-type systems require an expansion tank or bladder tank to relieve the excess pressure buildup. They are also vulnerable to corrosion if not serviced and maintained regularly.

5. Installation Takes Less Time

Generally speaking, installing tankless hot water heaters takes one-third of the time as traditional systems do because fewer components are involved. Also, the tankless unit itself can be installed behind walls or in a closet.

6. They Reduce the Risk of Scalding and Burns

As soon as hot water is turned off from the faucet, the tankless unit turns off because no more water needs to be heated at that point. This process means less time for hot water to travel through lines leading up to fixtures located away from the tank. Also, tankless systems can be linked to temperature-limiting devices and anti-scald valves, which help prevent scalding and burns from hot water.

7. They’re Safe and Don’t Require Any Venting to Outside Air Sources

Traditional water heaters must have proper venting to the outside of their structures, which can be a problem if a tank is not installed in an enclosed area with adequate room for ventilation.

On the other hand, a tankless water heater requires no venting because there’s no tank to fill with water and pressurized gas. The tankless unit gets hot enough to provide instant hot water at all times without any outside help, so no direct venting is required. Tankless systems also don’t need a flue collar since they produce zero carbon monoxide gases.

8. They Offer Convenience and Flexibility for Today’s Families and Homes

Tankless water heaters usually last longer than traditional storage tank systems. These systems can be installed together so that multiple fixtures in a home draw hot water from one source, providing even more convenience and flexibility for homeowners who want hot water but have limited space.

At Hornback Plumbing, we’ve been installing tankless water heaters and offering water heater repair service in homes around Elizabethtown, KY, for years. And as a family-owned and operated business, our customers are more than just clients to us; they’re friends.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service along with quality tankless tank systems that will keep your water hot for years to come. We’ll help you find the right tankless system for your home. Contact us today for more information.