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3 Common Signs You Need to Call a Plumber

In the realm of plumbing, issues and clogs that seem separate can actually be linked. What might first appear to be a problem with one component of your system might have effects on other areas as well. For example, toilet repair services can also be connected to drain repairs. Here are some key indicators that a clog or other issue needs immediate plumbing repair services.

1. Stubborn Toilet Clogs

All homeowners have used a plunger to deal with a clog. However, if you’re dealing with a blockage that simply won’t flush away, this is a red flag signaling that larger issues may be brewing. One way to prevent this is to be careful about what ends up in your toilet bowl. According to Safe Home, the only things you should ever put in your toilet are toilet paper, feces, and urine. Anything else, such as ear swabs or wipes, can lead to major issues. Clogged toilets are an issue that shouldn’t be ignored. Be sure to call a professional for prompt assistance.

2. Back Ups

If wastewater is backing up into your home, this is one of the most obvious signs that you have a drain problem. Water that gets trapped because of a clogged drain will turn right around and back up into your sink, tub, shower, toilet, and even your washing machine. When wastewater backs up into your home, you need immediate attention from a plumber. This can be a serious issue and even a health risk.

3. Sewer Gas Smell

Sometimes you may smell the problem before you ever see it. If you smell sewer gas when you step outside, there may be a problem with your sewer system that will eventually wind up causing drainage problems. If you notice a leak in the basement around your main drain, that is another indication that your drains need some professional attention. Your plumbing will typically send you warning signs before a complete failure. Pay attention to the signs and act before the situation escalates. Acting quickly can save you money and reduce the risk of damage from faulty drains.

No matter what your issue is, a highly qualified plumber is the best person to help you tackle it. Call our team of experts at Hornback Plumbing whenever you need assistance. We can diagnose your specific problem and get your plumbing in tip-top shape.