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6 Things You Should Absolutely Never Pour Down Your Sink

Sink blockages can be a nuisance to many people in the house. However, these blockages are mostly brought on by the things we choose to pour down the sink. It’s very tempting to pour everything down the sink, but some liquids will have you seeking plumbing services sooner rather than later. According to Readers Digest, eggshells, grease, and flour are among the top things that should never find their way into a sink. They cause blockages easily and can be very difficult to remove. Here are six important items that can easily clog your sink.

1. Rice and Pasta

You may think it’s no big deal to let a few grains of rice drown in the sink. However, research shows that foods like rice and pasta have an absorbent nature. They absorb water and become bigger. A few grains of rice that drain down the sink could easily expand and become a clog that blocks passage along your sink line. You’ll certainly need a plumbing service to get it out.

2. Oil

You may think there’s no harm in pouring oil into the sink. However, as oil comes into the cold surface of the drainage pipes, it solidifies and forms a layer. Several layers of this oil can easily cause blockage. Oil also solidifies and acts as the glue that holds other particles together. After cooking, get rid of your oil and grease in the dust bin rather than the sink. This step will prolong the life of your sink.

3. Flour

Anyone that has ever made dough knows that flour sticks together. Letting flour down the sink means that the flour will easily compress together and form a clog that’ll need a plumbing service to clear.

4. Fibrous Vegetables

Carrots, broccoli, and beets are a few veggies that are considered to be fibrous vegetables. When you put fibrous veggies in the sink, they’re likely to cause blockages in the future because they contain fibers that hold things together.

5. Coffee Husks

After consuming your favorite cup of coffee, it’s tempting to let the husks drain down the sinks. Data from plumbers show that coffee husks are a major reason why sinks block. Get rid of the husks in the dust bin and then clean your cup.

6. Gasoline and Other Flammable Substances

Don’t get rid of gasoline and flammable substances in the sink. It not only affects animal life in the sewer line but could also affect fellow humans. The fumes from gasoline have been known to cause nausea to unsuspecting families coming from the sewer line.

To avoid having to hire a plumbing service often, it’s important to ensure that you watch what goes into your sink. Ensure that you use the dust bin for what’s meant for the dust bin and only let harmless substances drain into the sink. To learn more, contact Hornback Plumbing today!