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Is a Tankless Hot Water Heater Right for You?

Should you upgrade to a tankless hot water heater or stick to the less expensive tank-type units? There are many things that can influence this choice. For instance, if you are not sure that you will own the property long enough to get enough returns on your investment, you might want to stick to a cheaper option. Read on to find out if a tankless hot water heater is the right option for you.

You Need Lower Energy Bills

Installing a tankless is a great option if you are looking to pay lower energy bills. This is because the heater remains idle if there is no demand for water. It will only switch on if someone turns on the hot water faucet or when an appliance requires water. If you use about 41 gallons or less of hot water a day, a tankless hot water heater can be 24%–34% more efficient than traditional ones, according to The less energy you consume, the lower your electric bills will be.

You Need a Lot of Hot Water

One of the most common issues of tank-type water heaters is that they run out of hot water. This can be quite annoying, especially on a cold morning when you are trying to get ready for the day. If your water heater has a small tank, chances are you will run out of hot water from time to time, especially if there are many people staying in your home.

Unfortunately, tank-based water heaters take a while to recover once the hot water has run out. For you to get hot water again, cold water has to enter the tank and get heated by the elements. This is not the case with tankless water heaters. They supply you with a certain number of gallons per minute. That way, you can have a constant flow of hot water for your needs and appliances.

You Want to Make a Long-Term Investment

On average, tankless water heaters last longer than tank-based ones. The majority of tank-type water heaters last for about 10 to 15 years, while tankless water heaters have a lifespan of no less than 20 years. This means substantial long-term savings for you. You will also find that warranties for tankless water heaters are longer than those for traditional ones.

If you want an endless supply of hot water, a tankless hot water heater is the way to go. These heaters don’t store any water, so they never run out of hot water. Because tankless water heaters have a capacity range, it’s important to ensure that you size your unit appropriately. Contact Hornback Plumbing if you need help choosing a tankless hot water heater.